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Breathing schools have been in existence in Asia for thousands of years. One of the most famous is Pranayama Yoga.


In the last and penultimate centuries, various schools of respiratory therapy were also formed in the West.


Here is a list (with links) of the schools I know – I’m sure there’s much more in the world!

Depending on the specialization of the respiratory school, different goals are pursued, or different problem areas are dealt with – and the range of how to work and what can be achieved with respiratory therapy is really enormous.

Some breathing schools aim at pure relaxation and body loosening techniques, others perform psychotherapeutic work with the breath, others work at the transcendent level and – last but not least – “coherent breathing” aims at positive regulation of the vegetative nervous system (polyvagal theory).
The special thing about a breathing session is that any of the above goals can happen.