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Breathing sessions at home

Receive a session from anywhere

If you are short on time, or too far away to come in person for a breathing session, online breath therapy sessions are a great alternative. Wherever you are, Breathwork from home is convenient, easy and comfortable. One of the advantages is, even after the session ends, you can continue to relax and integrate your experience directly in peace.

What do you need for an online session?

– A good internet connection
– Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp
– Headphones and microphone
– Video camera (PC, tablet or mobile)
– A quiet, warm and comfortable place to sit down
– Or with pleasure also a comfortable place to lie down
– A glass of water
– Handkerchiefs

Registration for an online session

Write me here in the email form, or feel free to call me to make an appointment, T: +41-76-6887676

Payment options for an online session

Twint, PayPal, Bank transfer

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