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Scientific research on breathing work is carried out worldwide. There are more than 14,000 studies on “coherent breathing” alone. Many scientific findings from the study on breathing work are already being put into practice today. In France, for example, Dr. David O’Hare has trained thousands of teachers, medical professionals, but also police officers or firefighters in breathing techniques and received overwhelmingly positive reactions. His book 365 has long been on the bestseller list in France.

The International Breathwork Foundation IBF has a scientific team that investigates the effect of connected breathing.

Dr. Peter M. Litchfield from the USA has been conducting research with his breath for 20 years and thus receives recognition in scientific circles.

Note: There are certainly many more scientists than the names mentioned on this page, which are investigating respiratory therapy and its effect on humans. I have focused here to keep track.

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Scientific studies:

Dr. Peter M. Litchfield – Article: Good Breathing – Poor Breathing (click here to open)

Alicja Heyda, Marek Jurkowski and others: Study on the use of respiratory therapy in cancer patients (click here to open)

Christina Caldwell and Himmat Kaur Victoria: Study on Respiratory Therapy and Body Psychotherapy (click here to open)

Links to sources:

– Dr. David O’Hare (France)

– Dr. Peter M. Litchfield (USA)

– Dr. Philippa Wheble (United Kingdom)

– Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann (Austria)

– Sciencedirect (USA)

– IBF International Breathwork Foundation