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Conscious breathing in the classroom

Conscious breathing in the classroom

A short workshop for teachers

Background of the workshop

Teachers experience stress again and again due to restlessness or lack of energy in the class or through numerous obligations in addition to the lessons. Conscious breathing is a way to deal constructively and inspiringly with these topics in a simple way.


In this workshop, we will provide up-to-date scientific insights into the effect of conscious, connected breathing on school classes. The participants get to know relaxation breathing, energy breathing and balancing breathing and learn some possible uses. During the course, you will have your own own experiences with conscious breathing.

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– Learn how to manage the energy of the class constructively

– Know how to use conscious breathing in a supportive way

– Learn how to control your own energy more specifically

– Learn which breathing intervention can be used to improve a specific situation

– Know which breathing exercises are suitable for which age group

– Learn how to bring inner peace and focused energy to the classroom


Mario Domig

Contact details & registration

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Mario Domig, Tel. 076-6887676, [email protected]

Duration of the workshop

about 2 hours

to cost

On request


On request

“Breathing in the classroom” is developed by IBF

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