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Lightness Joy of Life


Breathwork Focus

Stress Management

Overcome crises

Manage burnout

Warmth of heart

Achieve inner peace

Feel connectedness


More joie de vivre

Nurture self-confidence

Breathing difficulties

Strengthen respiratory muscles

Breathe in and out easily

Mario Domig Atemtherapie
Mario Domig

About breath work

The cause of many physical and mental problems are stress factors in an often hectic everyday life. When we are stressed, we breathe “shallowly.” In addition, many have developed restrictive breathing patterns over the course of their lives.

Breathing consciously is therefore an essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Connected breathing leads to relaxation, serenity and energy and at the same time helps to stay relaxed even in stressful situations. On the physical level, our respiratory system and surrounding muscles are strengthened. Breathwork can significantly improve the quality of life.

One of my main goals in respiratory therapy is to reactivate the self-healing powers. This happens through deep relaxation and through the associated experience of inner peace. We are strengthened at the core, our heart is open and we feel connected again. Read more…

Our breathing patterns can be relearned. Through breathing technique we can positively influence our condition permanently and experience more joy of life.

Body, emotion and breath

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Breath and anatomy

Breathing is the only metabolic system in our body that on the one hand automatically and unconsciously ensures the exchange of oxygen – but at the same time we can also consciously and specifically control our breath. The breath is the gateway to our inner system. Through conscious breathing we can influence our nervous and immune system (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

Background: Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, causing us to breathe shallowly, feel stressed, and not feel well.
In contrast, conscious breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When this is active, stress levels and heart rate decrease. Methods such as Coherent Breathing, Connected Breathing, Box Breathing cause activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Recommended reading

Breathing means life, from the first breath to the last, it is that simple and that elementary. Breath therapy uses the elemental life force of the breath as a healing instrument with a comprehensive effect.

Breath and emotion

In a relaxed, calm state, we breathe differently than when we feel anxious. When we are angry and upset, our breathing pattern changes accordingly. So with every change in our state of mind, our breathing pattern also changes – mostly unconsciously. Conscious breathing is an important key to restoring well-being – in any emotional state. Read more info – click here


For 30 years I have been accompanying people on their path to themselves and in their personal development in the practice of breath therapy.

The healing and liberation I have experienced myself, I am happy to pass on to anyone who wants to improve their inner issues and move forward in their inner development.

I work with respect and compassion in an atmosphere of appreciation. A special concern of mine is the promotion of the self-healing powers that we all carry within us.


Does health insurance cover the cost of respiratory therapy?

As an EMR certified respiratory therapist, the cost of my breathing sessions is covered by the supplemental insurance plans of most health insurance companies.


"If our motivation is strong and wholesome, we can achieve anything.

This quote from the Dalai Lama articulates a wonderful intention. To do this, I create a safe space where effective development can take place. Together we dissolve obstacles that stand in the way of unfolding and you find (again) access to your potential. Each breathing session unfolds individually from the moment. We are a team.