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Conscious breathing in the classroom / kindergarten

Workshops for teachers and educators

Background of the workshops

Teachers often experience stress from restlessness or lack of energy in the classroom, plus there are often too many additional responsibilities besides teaching.This workshop aims to deal with exactly these issues in a constructive and inspiring way.


Imparting knowledge about the effect of conscious breathing on school classes, kindergarten groups and individuals.Participants learn which breathing techniques – related to specific situations – lead to more relaxation, to more energy, or to conflict resolution in the classroom, for example.

These seminars convey concrete application possibilities in everyday working life.

During the workshop, participants also have direct, personal experiences with conscious breathing.

Objectives Workshop 1

  • Reduce your own stress level 
  • Calm and strength lead to relaxation
  • Strengthen the immune- and nervous system
  • Control your own energy in a targeted way
  • Strengthen your inner security
  • Focus your energy
  • Enjoy conscious connected breathing 

Objectives Workshop 2

  • Learn how to manage the energy of the class constructively
  • Know how to use conscious breathing in a supportive way
  • Know which intervention can be used to improve a specific situation
  • Know which breathing exercises are suitable for which age group



Mario Domig – Breathworker

Petra Mächler – Teacher

Contact & registration

Petra Mächler: 079-5847168
Mario Domig: 076-6887676 
[email protected]

Duration of workshops

each about 2 hours

Cost ------ Venue

On request     Arrangement

“Breathing in the classroom” was developed by IBF

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